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Burgled on the Chattooga Sat. 11/18

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  • Burgled on the Chattooga Sat. 11/18

    Hey guys,

    Nothing brings you back to the real world like discovering roughly 3K of stolen fishing equipment after a beautiful day of fishing on the Chattooga DH. Before I get started, I just wanted to thank everyone affiliated with NGTO who lended a helping hand in filing a police report with me this afternoon. There is something special about having complete strangers comiserate with you at the crime scene. This is one of the weirdest break-ins I have ever witnessed. He smashed the rear driver-side window of my Jeep Grand Cherokee and took a 7' 4-wt. Orvis T3 with a CFO II reel and a 8'6" 5-wt. Sage Discovery with a Ross Cimmaron reel. He also took my L.L. Bean Canvas bag with my navy blazer, a navy Mountain Hardwear jacket, and Cole Haan loafers I wore out in Athens last night. (And my favorite tie.Why would you take a man's dirty laundry?) He left a 8'6" 5-wt. Orvis Frequent Flyer and Battenkill III reel, my wallet and knife, a pair of Van Staal titanium pliers and a pair of Ray bans on the dash.

    We met a mysterious man in a dark red Toyota pick-up (with S.C. dealer tags) who claimed to be waiting on a friend to finish fishing. While were getting into our waders, he stood with us, talking to us about what seemed to be working for him on the river. He then told us, which I took completely innocently and know to be the truth, that "the farther away from the parking lot you get, the better the fishing." I hope he was innocent and was truly being helpful, but I can't help but wonder if this was a ploy to get us out of the picture.

    The moral of the story is "be careful." I know that this thief is a fisherman, which saddens me. I know that someone drove away from that parking lot with a load of stolen equipment, undoubtedly justifying it to themselves as my fault for having left things in plain sight. It kills me that I fight the urge to take things that are not rightfully mine while others indulge in possessing (and fishing with!) equipment they did not earn. There has to be bad mojo in a stolen rod. It just can't fish the same as one you save up for or build. If you guys see any of the aforementioned equipment pop up on Ebay based in the Tri-state area, let me know. If you are in a pawn shop and see any of this stuff, buy it and let me pay you for it. I have amassed a collection of fly fishing parafunalia that I am proud to own. I hate that it was decimated the way it was today by such a petty thief. Many might say "Oh, this is my fault for leaving my rods in plain view." Well it is not my fault because I took equipment I planned to use and it was removed from my locked car. I don't want this to happen to any of you. I told my dad that itwas worse than having a dog run off because, with a dog, you still have hope that you might find it again.

    If the thief that took my belongings is cocky enough to enter this forum and read this, please understand this: You will not find joy in using stolen goods. You might be able to afford more meth or moonshine if you sell them, but you will get caught one day. And as far as stealing someone's dress clothes, that's just mean. Now I don't have anything to wear to my grandmother's for thanksgiving on Thursday. While many crimes are justified by today's PC society, stealing remains the lowest of art forms, and it is personal. If you own either of these setups or wear anything that looks like mine and I run into you, I hope you have a receipt. The lawlessness and primal urge you surrendered to this afternoon in the woods by thieving is the same urge I might give into if I see you with my stuff. As Ned Beatty made clear in "Deliverance," your a long way from help on the Chattooga and no one can hear you scream.

    Watch your stuff if you don't steal. If you do, watch your a**.
    Preston Sutter

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    Were you parked on the GA or SC side? Not that it matters, I feel just as nervous no matter where I park on the Chattooga DH as of late.
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    "Why did you let the fish go?"
    "For the same reason you don't eat the ball after a game of tennis"-Billy Connolly


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      he was on the SC side. I saw the aftermath today. Very sorry for your loss. I'm up for a stake out.


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        SC Side

        I was parked halfway down the left-hand side of the South Carolina parking lot. I was one of probably ten cars when we arrived. This guy must have experienced Thievus Interruptus, because I can only imagine what other cars contained. Thanks again to the fellas that stood with me in the parking lot and gave information to the enforcement officers. You didn't have to do that. I hope the beds at Days Inn and the delicious Queso at La Pachanga in Clayton will restore you tonight so you might experience another fruitful day on the Chattooga DH.

        If you stole my rods and you fish them tomorrow, I wish you Chubs and horneyheads. If you wear my clothes, that is just weird. I hope that my favorite sportcoat and tie bring you as many luckless nights at the bar as they brought me. Get a job.
        Preston Sutter


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          If you read more on here, you'll find out that this thief has hit another guy on Wednesday, another two guys in the week before that. You are the latest victim in a spree. Same MO, thousands taken, all FF gear, other stuff of crackhead value left behind.


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            I bet whoever it is loves watching men beat each other up, in tights, so much that they pay to watch it on TV.... the fact it has sponsors and close to a million other degenerates watching probably makes them feel like it's legitimate. But that's just a wild guess.


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              I know your pain, after fishing one day we went to Grassy Mtn. lake to swim. Someone broke windows out of 6 vehicles in the swimming section parking lot and cleaned everyone out. I had forgotten to lock the car, so I was the only one that did not have a extra $150 exspense to replace a broken car window.

              Also once I was parked on the side of US 76 in Ellijay fishing the Ellijay river and as I was standing in the river a pickup stopped behind my car and someone got out and tried the car doors to steal something with me standing 100 yeards away. That time they were locked and my yelling scared him off.

              Some words of advise. Don't leave anything exsposed in a car you do not want to be stolen, and when you replace the fishing equipment and clothing, you might want to spend a bit less on fishing and more on clothing desirable enough to wear to Granny's house at Thanksgiving.


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                Here's an idea if anyone wants to put forth the effort:

                Get one of those cellular telephones that can be programmed with GPS. I can't remember the provider but I think there are a few that offer this service for an extra $9.99 a month. Carefully conceal the phone in an item like a kayak, float tube, duffel bag, rod tube, etc. Leave these items in plain view in the bed of your pickup truck so that passing motorists (or thieving dirtbags) can easily see the goodies. As frequently as these thefts are occurring, it will be a matter of time before the offender cruises by. Let him make a clean get-a-away. Drive in to Clayton and stop at the nearest WiFi and boot up your laptop. Check the location and chances are all the other loot will be there as well. Disclaimer: cellular telephone reception and battery life could affect the success of this operation.

                Think of it as LoJack for your fishing gear. It works. Don't ask me how I know this. YMMV.
                The Drifter

                The contents of this message might be totally inaccurate, misguided or otherwise perverse. If you are stupid enough to follow any of the tips listed here and mess up yourself or your equipment, I am absolved of all responsibility. The information contained herein is based on my personal experience and by no means constitutes the correct way to do it. Your mileage may vary.

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                  Check the edge of the woods when you park. We found an aluminum baseball bat in the edge of the woods at the Amicalola parking lot last year. I believe this was a stash for breaking windows. Real convenient--get the bat, smash the window, sling bat back into the woods. Nope--I'm not going to be seen with or have on my person a break-in tool. Just a hunch.


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                    It would probably only cost $1000 to get a camera on that parking lot if private individuals handled it. $7000 if the DNR or Law Enforcement puts it up.


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                      Drifter, I thought of the same thing when my stuff was stolen. But couldn't something smaller than a phone be manufactured to produce the same result? You'd think it was the year 1906.

                      Preston, I'm sorry for your loss, man. You're keeping good humor, though. I had around $3000 worth of stuff stolen out of my truck up on the Clinch one day. They even stole the strap for my boat. They don't care, they do it for spite just as much as money, imo. They'll have to pay their debt one day, in one way or another.

                      Originally posted by pequod View Post
                      If you stole my rods and you fish them tomorrow, I wish you Chubs and horneyheads. If you wear my clothes, that is just weird. I hope that my favorite sportcoat and tie bring you as many luckless nights at the bar as they brought me.
                      Kudos to you for your composure. I know it's hard.
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                        Red Toyota ??!!??

                        I walked back to the parking lot to meet my friend, crossed the river, and saw a guy fishing above the bridge. I meet up, and start brewing tea to try and get my friend to join me as he is not keen on fishing in the rain. Wednesday was wet, wet, with wet on the side. We decide that I will swing a streamer, while he walks his dog nearby. He boubted his dry flys would float in the deluge . All the while I have been brewing tea, the other guy has cruised in to the parking lot. He loiters and loiters in the rain, which seemed strange. He stands next to his Toyota, red, 4x4 Tacoma, older model, brush bar, diamond plate truck box, and an aluminium pseudo-skid plate on his brush bar. He seemed to have dark hair, medium athletic build, narrowish face. He wore simms waders, boots, and wading jacket with the hood up so I didn't get a good view of his face, had a Sage reel on a VT2 and everything looked brand new. Is this the guy!!!!???? When we started off he asked whether we were going out again!?

                        Sorry for your loss, and all the other guys that had stuff ripped off.....

                        If this is the suspect, we need to pass on this info post haste!!! I really want my gear back!

                        All the best

                        Paul Helmbold


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                          Sounds like we need to watch out for a guy in a red Tacoma.


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                            Preston, sent you a PM


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                              That sux.

                              I never leave much in my vehicle when fishing, just for that reason. If I break a rod, well then, I go home.

                              I've never had the experience of a break-in while fishing, but have experienced it a few years ago in an apartment. Very un-nerving and violating.

                              Hope the arse gets whats coming to him/her.

                              Fish now, you're dead one hell of a long time.........