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    New NGTO Member here, so I hope I'm posting this in the right spot. Sorry if it's not. Looking for a recommendation on a place in NGA where one can take a couple of mile hike in some place, camp (primative is fine), and get to some decent trout inhabited waters. Ideas? Thanks!

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    Welcome Aboard!

    Summer heat will affect any recommendations that come your way. Many of the better-known streams will be best fished very early. Think elevation - mainly above 2500' - and shade.

    If you can catch bass and be happy, the choices broaden greatly.

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      The Chattooga has miles of trails, backcountry camping, and trout water. Stunning scenery to boot.


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        Yep, hard to beat the Chatooga River for backcountry hiking / fishing. And the further you are willing to hike in, the less Homo Sapiens you will encounter on the river. The Cohutta Wilderness area is another option, but the rivers (Jacks and Conasauga) that run through it receive no stocking of fish that I am aware of so the fishing is a bit more challenging. And a third option but not in north Georgia is the Smoky Mountain National Park up in NC.
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          Thanks guys. I appreciate the recommendations. Will look in to those spots and will avoid Helen at all costs.


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            Tooga is very warm right now. Trout fishing is probably not going to be very good, but red eyes, bream, etc. should be active...
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              Moccasin Creek might be a good idea. You can either camp in Moccasin Creek State Park with full facilities or hike in and camp on the creek primitive style. There is a great hiking trail that follows the creek and there are some some really nice waterfalls. Plus down by the state park fishing is only allowed for kids 12 and under, handicapped people, and people over 65. There is a trout hatchery right next to the state park, and Lake Burton is right there too. Wildcat Creek is nearby and they stock the heck out of that place with trout and there are campgrounds there as well.
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