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Chattooga, West Fork, and Holcomb Creek Fishing Ideas

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  • Chattooga, West Fork, and Holcomb Creek Fishing Ideas

    My son and I are planning a camping and fishing trip to NE Georgia for father's day weekend. I am thinking about fishing in one or more of the following streams/rivers - Chattooga, West Fork of the Chattooga, Holcomb Creek, and Warwoman. Probably can't get all of them in, but would at least like to try a couple of them. I typically fly fish in N GA, but my son normally sticks to a small spinning outfit with a panther martin and he sometimes resorts to crickets if things are slow. We pretty much catch and release, but sometimes will keep a couple for a campfire dinner that night if they are stockers. As a note, we don't mind bushwhacking or hiking a mile or two to get to good spots.

    Hocomb Creek - has anyone here ever fished it? Any suggestions on whether it's better upstream or downstream of FS-86B (Billingsley Creek Rd)? Any thoughts or experience on this stream?

    West Fork of the Chattooga - any suggestions here? Is it better upstream or downstream of Overflow Creek Road bridge? How about Three Forks... has anyone fished there? I've hiked there a few times, but didn't bring fishing gear.

    Chattooga - is there any decent fishing up or down of the Hwy 28 bridge? We may go to Burrells Ford and possibly go upstream of the bridge. Would you recommend the Burrells Ford area, or the Hwy 28 area? I'm thinking that this time of year the water may be too warm as far down as hwy 28, but may be incorrect.

    Warwoman Creek - I have only fished a very short section of this right next to Earls Ford Rd several years ago. I don't remember there being many 'public' access fishing locations on Warwoman, but I may be incorrect. Any suggestions? Is the fishing any good down as far as Warwoman Ford, or is the water too warm down there?

    Spending time with my 21 year-old son outdoors is the best father's day gift I can have, but it would be nice to top it off with some good fishing.
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