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Any advice out there for a Chattooga newbie?

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  • Any advice out there for a Chattooga newbie?

    Hey y'all. For the long weekend a buddy and I were thinking of heading up to the Chattooooooga. I have only been there once before, in the dead of winter, and needless to say I didn't really have a very good time.

    How is it fishing now in the heat of summer? Is it okay to wet wade? My friend only has thigh high waders and when I went in the winter, it was too high for that.

    We're certainly not opposed to doing some hiking and we plan to hike in a good ways to set up camp. I have a GA and a NC fishing license but not a SC one (and as I understand it, that's okay as long as we don't go into feeder streams on the SC side).

    All summer I've been blue lining in N GA and don't get me wrong, I've been having an absolute blast bush whacking, getting lost and then unlost, trying to outrun sudden thunderstorms, and finding brookies! However, I'm starting to get the urge to bust out the 9' rod and feel the pull of bigger fish. Is the Chattooga a decent option right now for that? Plus my buddy is new to fly fishing and I would really love to see him have some luck.

    Thanks for any and all advice and please feel free to send a PM if you'd rather. Thanks so much! Hope y'all have fun this weekend if you get out
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    Bump. Are there any kind folks out there who could offer a couple of young anglers some tips to have a good time this weekend?


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      Originally posted by A Hopps View Post
      Bump. Are there any kind folks out there who could offer a couple of young anglers some tips to have a good time this weekend?
      Since I still had it ya go:

      edit: I only read the post directly above mine when I initially posted. It's for general N. GA advice and not the Chattooga. I'll leave it in case your intentions change or for others.
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        You know, I do not think one can have a bad time hiking and fishing the Chattooga River, even if you do not catch a single fish. It truly is the jewel of the south IMO. You might consider hiking up river from Burrrells Ford Road into the Ellicott Rock Wilderness area. Fish the deep pools as this is where the fish will most likely be hanging out in the hotter weather.

        Good luck and be safe!
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          The Chattooga is a beautiful river, but at this late summer date, the water temps will likely interfere with trout's interest in eating, other than a couple early or late hours.

          For Plan B, try downstream of hwy 28 for redeye bass. They are plentiful and willing to strike just about anything.

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            Plan B

            I would second the vote for Plan B this time of year. And if the fishing is slow, go a bit further downstream for possible rafter eye-candy ................


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              Cool thanks for the words of wisdom y'all! It's truly appreciated.


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                Sounds like it will be a great trip regardless if you catch a fish A Hopps. I like windknots plan B for redeyes. Maybe a little more forgiving for a first time fly fisher. Have fun and please post a report with pics.