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NW (Oregon) Book for locations & tips?

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  • NW (Oregon) Book for locations & tips?

    Hey everyone ... I turned my Brother onto fly fishing this Summer and was hoping some of the genius minds (I use the term loosely) out there in NGTO land might have some suggestions for books that relate to 1) Locations 2) Newbie Tips & Tricks? He resides in Central Oregon (Bend). Thank you in advance for your guidance.
    - Bueker
    aka: Knee Deep

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    NW OR

    If the guy lives in Bend just start there and after you fish all those streams (you will be at two years older by then) head over to the Rogue around Grants Pass. Hire a guide and float the Rogue but check on what's running first. As for Bend, seriously, great fishing in that area. Be sure to go to headwaters of the Metolius. The river literally appears full blown from under a big rock face. Just BANG! It's there. Couple good fly shops in Bend so check with them first.


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      He needs to check out

      That is the NGTO of Oregon.

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