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Fishing the Chattahoochee

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  • Fishing the Chattahoochee

    Good morning! My apologies if in my question/writing makes it painfully obvious that I am still new to the NGTO Message Board. As luck would have it I live close to the Buford Dam. My 5 year old Son and I love fishing the Hooch. We have found a few spots to catch a few Trout here and there. We'd love to find new places and or new strategies that others are willing to share of what to use/go on a spinning reel on the river. The look on his face when he yells "fish on" is gold to his Daddy as well as the random person who is floating down the river by us. Have a great day yall!

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    I like 80 to 110 mm suspending jerkbaits, either fished with hard jerks or a steady reel.

    If you're bank fishing and have no way to go get a lure unstuck, you may want to go with a floating model in case you need to let it rise over some structure.

    I got quite a few bites last weekend on jig heads rigged with 4" flukes and 4" el cheapo soft plastic worms. Those I would pop along near structure and if nothing bit in the first few ft go on and crank it in.


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      Awesome! Thanks so much! We will have to try that. In the past the only thing that has worked for us is floating artificial red salmon eggs.


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        wee craw

        when i was spinning i had a ton of success with the wee craw lures...easy to control the depth and you can get those things just about anywhere... i used to float them into an area you could never cast to and then retrieve them, they will drive browns crazy if you get them deep behind structure.
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          1/8oz panther martins using a steady cross current retrieve work well for me when spin fishing. Go a little heavier for faster water.


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            Rapala CD5 deadly. My kids limit out every time. Toss and retrieve across the current. The baby trout and chartouse seem to be the best. Yes, they out fish me cause, well just cause.