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    Good stuff!

    Originally posted by JOHNKIES View Post
    Dear Diary: Today my raceways buddies and I went for a truck ride and then like nobody wanted us they dumped us here in this place that is kinda like our raceway, but not as consistent. Guess I will just hang out here with my buds for now.

    Day Two: Still hanging here with my buddies just like the old days but people keep throwing these little pieces of stuff in the water - have no clue what it is.

    Day Three: The pellet truck has not come by for three days and we are all getting a little hungry. Leroy thought he would try one of those things people throw in the water - well that's how the pellet truck does - and all of a sudden his whole body was yanked right out of the water! He came back but was quite shaken by the experience and sulked on the bottom the rest of the day.

    Day Four: Still not pellet truck but I smelled something that seemed like it might be good to eat right on the bottom of this new raceway. Not as tasty as a pellet, but not bad. Oh, and late yesterday this shadow shape flew over our new home and next thing we know there is a splash right where George was swimming! He never came back.

    Day Five: Dear Diary this is my last entry for awhile. The shadow came back again and the people throwing stuff in the water were here all day. Worse, everyone else in the pod found out there was food in the water other than pellets but now there is nothing left to eat here. I have to move either up stream or down stream, find protection from the shadows and the people and have enough food. Saw a really cute girl trout earlier but she said she was not ready to pawn. Wonder what she has to sell ....... ?