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2017: Your Year in Fishing

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    Originally posted by JOHNKIES View Post
    - Not to exceed weekly
    That's the reccommeded therapeutic dosage, I believe. But me, I'm in it for the fix, and that takes a little more every time.


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      Originally posted by fishmonger View Post
      This phrase should not exist!
      The tackle overwhelms the little guys when I hook them fishing for reds in the marsh. I've found particular ponds and marsh holes—the best spots are usually where a road causeway forces a mash creek through a culvert—that hold a whole bunch of the pune 'poons. When there's a bunch of them around and no redfish, I'll fish them on a 3 or 4 wt. They get a lot more chance to shine that way then they do tugging on a 7.

      Awesome report, lots of diversity and adaptability. [/quote}

      I must say, I have been following your posts with interest, and really appreciate your style. Don't change a thing!

      Thank you and everyone else who has had kind words.