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  • New years skunk

    I hit the hooch on monday to try and scare up a new years trout. I didn't get so much as a nibble at jones bridge. It was so cold that I only fished for a couple of hours before giving up. It was still a beautiful afternoon on the water. Had to stop and deice the rod several times. A couple of questions for more experienced folk than I:

    1) when we have a cold snap like this do the fish slow down? I saw a few bugs coming off the water when the sun was out but no activity from the fish.

    2) what kind of gloves work well? To say my hands were cold was an understatement.

    Here's hoping for better fishing days this year!
    "My casting has been described as an old lady fighting off bees with a broomstick"<P>Patrick McManus<BR>

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    My experience is the fishing is "better" when the sun has risen enough to warm the water some. Or at least give the perception it has warmed.

    My gloves are Simms fingerless and pull back mittens for the really cold days.