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Don Pedro Island/Manasota Key FL

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  • Don Pedro Island/Manasota Key FL

    Anyone been there before? Its in between Boca Grand and Venice on the west coast. I have an opportunity to head down there in a few weeks and have never been. Id be confined to the shore, docks or within paddling distance in my kayak.

    Just trying to gather any intel.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I have never been to that exact area, but did yak fish the Venice/Sarasota area a couple years ago. It was during the spring/summer. Look up Myakka River, I hear salty fish run up there during the colder months. Also, you got the ICW, and endless potential beach fishing options. You can also lookup Steve Gibson, who runs kayak fishing trips in that area, and will probably answer your questions better than I could.


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      Brother/friends used to fish Little Gaspirilla/Boca Grande, mostly summertime though. The grass flats inside should be your best options I am guessing. Wind and tide will be the limiting factors. I suggest taking a spinning rod if that is not heresy. Also check the Maverick/Hewes forum, used to be some good flyrod and general flats talk there. Snook would be a nice prize