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Toccoa River Cabin rental

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  • Toccoa River Cabin rental

    Hello all,

    The wife and I would like to rent a cabin for weekend of March 10th. Hopefully with some Toccoa river frontage. I'm getting her into fishing.

    Just looking for a small place that we can walk out the back and fish. Or at least something cozy and close to some good trout fishing.


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    Which Toccoa?

    Are you thinking about the Toccoa above the lake, or the Toccoa below the lake? Heck split the difference and get a cabin ON the lake!


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      You might take a look at VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner) listings.

      Search : VRBO Blue Ridge, Ga also VRBO Mineral Bluff, Ga

      Some of these are river front but river front gets booked up pretty fast starting in March. Each listing usually has a map showing the location --such as. above or below the Dam or on the lake.


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        Make sure and look at reviews. Not just what you see on vrbo. Also look at all the charges and add on. There are many great homes. But Google any home you decide on. Hope this helps


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          We floated last week and saw the sign for this


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            I think thatís the one I saw.


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              Like Gazer said--look at the reviews, look at all of the photos and taxes, cleaning fees and others. Read and note carefully about "riverfront" properties. Some may say riverfront but the cabin is 100 feet up the hill overlooking the river. If it's a gentle yard slope out to rivers edge they will probably be proud to show a photo of that.


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                Cabin rental

                I own a cabin on the tailwater. You have a better chance of catching trout there than on the upper. As others have stated, read the reviews very carefully. There are a few real shysters out there. This time of the year you should have no problem finding a great location.


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                  Thanks for the info all!!! I was thinking above the lake. Particularly something in the section that makes up the toccoa river canoe trail.