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Fly tackle on lakes?

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  • Fly tackle on lakes?

    With small lakes being recommended due to rainfall (I.e Vogel, etc) Iím wondering how to rig for that deeper water. Deepest I typically fish in streams is 6-8 feet and hitting bottom can be a challenge even then. Does lake rigging require a super-long leader and lots of weight? Or do the trout stay in shallower areas where stream rigging will work. Seems dry flies would be a long shot but maybe heavy weighted streamers? Basically I donít know how to fish a lake with fly tackle and I donít want to go back to spinning!

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    Get some full sink or sink tip line.
    Catch the energy
    Release the potential


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      The 5th paragraph down in this article has some info on fishing lakes and ponds with either a sink tip or full sink line. I don't think you will like a full sink line because you have to retrieve most all of it before you can pull it out of the water for another cast. Very different from lifting a floating line off of the surface.


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        Interesting article... I recently purchased a sinking line vs. sink tip and it is indeed much different, but the payoff is that you can get down to where the fish are. Certainly ditto on shortening up your leader... Some sinking lines have a different color tip for when you have brought the line in enough you can see and do a roll cast with just the right length of line in the water - I think that is an important feature.


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          Great article and advice. Many thanks. Guess I need to invest in some new line and maybe a heavier rig overall. Always something new to learn!