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Orvis Awards for 2018 Fly Shop of the Year

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  • Orvis Awards for 2018 Fly Shop of the Year

    Well folks, looks like kudos goes out to another of our local fly is a message from the Orvis Company which recently completed a rendezvous in Ashville NC along with a quote from a customer that sent in a review to Orvis on behalf of their experience with this retailer. They presented GA's own Unicoi Outfitters as best fly shop in the USA... Congrats to Jimmy, Jake, David and Wes. Obviously no blind squirrel when it comes to this award!

    2018 Fly Shop of the Year:

    Unicoi Outfitters

    Helen, Georgia

    "I have been a customer of this business and I can say that they are a great resource for fly fishermen all over the south. The shop is well stocked with everything you need for a trip and the staff is knowledgeable and willing to help. I highly recommend taking one of their guided trips, as I have learned more in a few hours with one of their guides than I have picked up on several trips by myself. Everyone at this business fishes and it shows; they always know the best places to fish and what flies are hot. We are truly fortunate to have them in our region."

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    I saw this on Facebook the other day. Just waiting for somebody to announce it.

    Congrats to all the folks at Unicoi Outfitters including Jackson Dockery who lends a hand here on the message board. Well deserved.

    P.S. When Jimmy Harris said he and the guys wanted to make the Spring Fling but could not because they had some Orvis guide rendezvous to go to last weekend, I jokingly said, "Can it be that important that you miss a Fling?" I guess this explains it. River Through Atlanta represented also.
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      That's awesome!

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        Makes the Gift Certificate my wife just gave my for the b-day just THAT much cooler!!!

        I just signed up for the class on May 5th to see if I can be untaught all the bad techniques I've been learning from youtube the last 8 months
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          Congrats, Attaboy, Way to go, and any other accolade you can come up with!
          UO is THE BEST!

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            Wow, this is a really big deal! Congrats Jimmy; you guys run the best fly shop in the freaking U S of A!!!!
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              Congratulations Unicoi!

              Well done and well earned. They have been around a long time now, and longevity in that business does not come easily. Longevity comes from being honest, meeting customer needs and then taking care of that customer. I have been in there several times just to shoot the fertilizer with Jimmy and the staff and if a customer comes in, I just get out of the way and stand back and watch. Never did I see anyone in the shop suggest to a customer that they should really upgrade to a nicer rod and better pair of waders.

              If you were to sum up Unicoi Outfitters in one word it would be Integrity,

              Congratulations to Jimmy and all the staff!


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                No surprise here.. They have always been a first class operation..
                Always a good steward to the sport!!!
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                  Congratulations to Jimmy and all the UO crew. I first went in Unicoi Outfitters shop nearly 20 years ago when it was a hole in the wall next to Nora Mill. It has always been top drawer and first class. Great to see the national recognition. Now if Jimmy would just put the sofa back in the shop I would probably add a + sign to the 5 Star rating. Gotcha Jimmy


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                      Congratulations Jimmy Harris and Unicoi Outfitters. I stop in at Unicoi Outfitters often, and often call them for fishing and stream intel in the area. They are top notch.
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                        Congratulations to Jimmy and the staff at Unicoi Outfitters. First class operation and a first class staff. We're not surprised in the least and it's reassuring that Orvis recognizes it also!

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