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Fly line loop getting stuck in last rod eye

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  • Fly line loop getting stuck in last rod eye


    I bought my fly rod and reel at bass pro in Tampa, FL while on vacation. The guy at the fly shop did a loop to loop set up for the fly line to attach the leader.

    The fly line loop keeps getting hung at the the last eye on the rod and does not want to come out. I have to pull on the leader to get the fly line out.

    Do you know if there is a way to fix this or shave off part of the fly line to help?

    I like the loop to loop set up but wonder if I will have to just cut the line and tie the leader directly to the fly line?



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    When does this happen? When casting?

    Once you start your day of fishing, your loop to loop shouldn't go back into your rod eyes at all. Or, should be avoided.

    You might be stripping in too much line when going for another cast or when lining in a fish.

    It can cause problems when bringing in a fish because the loop can get caught and snap the rod if the fish runs.

    But, I overall I would avoid stripping in the leader to the rod tip.


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      It mainly happens when first starting to cast. I have to pull the leader by hand to pull the floating fly line out of the rod tip or it gets stuck on the eye tip.


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        You can cut the loop off the end of your fly line and nail knot a piece of mono
        on it.Tie a small loop knot in the end of the mono and attach your leader to that loop.
        I use about 12 in. 20 lb test,but use what works best for you.


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          WAIT! Don't cut it off. You're just experiencing one of the lovable frustrations of fly fishing. There's an easy solution. If you have to break your fly rod down after every trip, then you're better off re-threading the line through the guides. Start by folding over your fly line about 6 inches from the loop on the tip. Push this loop through the guides to thread the line. Much easier than threading the leader and you just pull the folded over line section, and the loop, through the tip top then pull the leader through.

          When you want to stop fishing for a while, pull out enough line/leader to wrap around your reel seat and hook your fly over one of the guides. This allows you to get right back to fishing when you're ready and you don't have to pull the end of your fly line back through the tip top.

          If this still doesn't satisfy you, then, yes, you can cut off the loop (but nothing else) and nail knot your leader to it. But then you'll have to do this every time you want to replace your leader and that's not an acceptable solution for me.
          Jimmy Harris
          Unicoi Liars Club
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            Thanks Jimmy.

            Also went to Tallulah and wildcat creek Saturday and caught my first trout on a fly. They ended up taking a Y2K on dropper rig. Caught 3 rainbown. First rainbow I caught was about 16 inches. Tried to get pic but slipped out of my hand.


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              That a heck of a first trout in N. Ga. Way to get er done.


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                Or ....

                Or you could replace the fly line with one from a line manufacturer with a built in loop at the end of the fly line. These are pretty common and the only kind I use. Besides all my attempts at nail knots were pretty darn ugly. But as Mr Harris has appeared, I bet if you stopped by Unicoi Outfitters and asked real nice they would cut off the offending loop and build you one that will clear the last eye nicely. Be sure to mention my name and you will be treating rudely and overcharged! 8- )


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                  Originally posted by JOHNKIES View Post
                  Be sure to mention my name and you will be treating rudely and overcharged! 8- )
                  You're only treated that way because we love you, John.
                  Jimmy Harris
                  Unicoi Liars Club
                  Unicoi Outfitters Online Store


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                    Would have stopped by the shop Sat but went through Helen area at 6AM and 6PM when you guys were closed. Need to try out one of the guided trips sometime.


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                      This is probably one of the most common ways to attach a fly line to leader. That's a nail knot tool by Wapsi btw.


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                        Will have to look into that also. Thank you sir.