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  • First Trout On Fly Rod

    I woke up at 5AM to go to the Tallulah river to attempt to catch my first trout. I arrived at about 7:30. I found a deep hole with a large rock directly in front of it. I was using a hopper as a strike indicator with a y2k as a dropper. I cast upstream. As the fly approached the deep hole the hopper went under. I set the hook and a the fight was on. I got the trout in. It was about 15-16 inches. I got the fly out and attempted to pick him up to take a picture. He slipped out of my hands and in the water he went.

    I tried a few times again there and no other bites. I found another hole and used the y2k with a strike indicator bobber this time with a y2k again. Cast near a upstream and the bobber went under. I caught another rainbow and was able to get him in the net and get a picture this time.

    I tried a few more nymphs and a few dry flies. Got a bite on a Adams but missed him.

    Enjoyed some nice views while I was not catching any trout.


    I also visited Coleman Creek but didn't catch anything. Did loose a few flies in the tree limbs though.

    On the way back home, I stopped by wildcat creek.

    I got a nice rainbow under this bridge.

    I had a great time. Can't wait to try a new stream to catch a brown or brook. Now I know why people buy a lot of flies. Lost 8 that trip.

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    It is a magical tug isn't it! That never goes away... Congratulations


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      Vert true

      Can you tell if these are wild or stocked rainbows?


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        For basically me, it's in the eye of the beholder. However it sometimes can be obvious, but always arguable if that helps. Lol. I had a problem with your image linking. I am sure someone can help by being a little more objective, fins, coloration, energy, location, ad nauseum