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Where to take a newbie fly fishing near Blairsville

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  • Where to take a newbie fly fishing near Blairsville

    i'll be camping with friends near end of october near Blairsville. A friend who has not fished much has expressed interest in fly fishing. I will have all the gear he needs to use except waders/boots so he'll be purchasing those as well as his license.

    For the last few weeks I've been racking my brain trying to think of a good spot to take a total newbie but haven't been able to come up with 'the perfect spot' - I know, I'm probably being very picky in my own mind. I'm trying to find a place that is not going to be packed, not too big nor have fast moving waters (Hiawassee/Tocoa rivers), not going to be so small (my favorite places!) where you need to duck and be extra careful with your casts. My last few trips have been to NC so I'm a little rusty on GA spots.

    Since he'll be out of pocket a bit for the gear he needs to purchase, i'd like to keep the location to inside GA and not have the added expense of out-of-state NC license.

    I know I won't be far from unicoi in blueridge and prefer to avoid the oktoberfest crowds in helen. I know there are ways to drive around helen to get to certain 'well known' creeks, but I think those will be swarming and prefer to stay a bit out of the crowds and into the woods.

    I'll have my jeep so a few ruts, roots or water crossings won't scare us away

    If anyone has any ideas and doesn't mind sharing, please let me know.
    PM's are welcome to keep your secret spots, well, secret.

    P.S. If you got the hints above where i have in mind, stop fishing my honey holes! I really do hope he catches fish and enjoys it, he's been mentioning fishing off and on for months, we've just not been able to get together until now.

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    The way the weather is going, he won't need waders in October.

    We rent boots and waders if you come through Helen. We no longer have the shop in Blue Ridge and the one that is there is probably going to be closed in the next week or so. Not much left in there.

    If your primary objective is to get him on fish, consider driving over to fish Rock Creek near the USFS Fish Hatchery. Another option is right below the dam on the Toccoa River. Easy wading but pay attention to the generation schedule.
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      I hear you on the weather. I'm hoping for cooler temps and some fall colors on the trees. Camping is always better with a hot fire and cold drinks in my opinion.

      Keep forgetting how much blueridge has changed. I do love a good rumcake though. I also forgot you guys rent, I'll toss that idea out to him.

      Yes, primary object is on fish. I was thinking rock creek would be busy, but it does hold a special place in my heart as a few friends/family members caught their first trout there.

      thanks for the reminders.