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Dredger's Weekly Report - Early Thanksgiving

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  • Dredger's Weekly Report - Early Thanksgiving

    Our GAWRD Region 1 Fisheries staff is thankful for your trout program support via your purchases of fishing tackle, fishing licenses, and the TU brook trout license plates. Those funds have translated into more hatchery fish food, new backpack shockers, replaced hatchery pumps, a restored trout biologist position (Zach), reprinted trout maps, and an improved stocking truck fleet, among other program improvements.

    Here’s a look at one such result of your license monies in action. Enjoy this brief video of the start of yesterday’s (11/8) “Hooch DH trout sundae.” Here’s the recipe:

    Start with 750 gallons of clear, cold National Forest stream water, add a big scoop of chunky 11-inch Burton browns, then add a second heaping scoopful of Buford 10-inch rainbows. Finally, sprinkle some 15-inch Buford rainbows and browns on top. Drive to destination and serve at ambient temperature.
    We handed off the truck to biologist Roop and tech Rigglesford at Buford, who then delivered the goods to the Hooch DH at Whitewater Creek Park yesterday afternoon, where four volunteers helped serve them for our weekend metro anglers.

    Enjoy lots of big fish. You paid for them. Happy Thanksgiving, early.
    Now help this old guy to get ‘em into the stocking truck tank. Grab that net rim!

    Jeff Durniak
    North Georgia Region Fisheries Supervisor

    Wildlife Resources Division

    Want to Help Ease DNR's Budget Woes? Buy a TU license Plate!