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  • Just booked

    Will be there tomorrow and sat. night. Hopefully the fish will be cooperative. Any particular flies that I need?

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    For a Cardinals way.......PM sent...will


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      At least I'm not a Cubs fan, that would be worse.

      Thanks for the info


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        Had a great stay.

        Thanks Marty,

        Only caught 2 at the cabin one little 12 incher and then this big one up by the bridge.

        We headed over to Smith Creek Saturday afternoon. Mary was able to hook up with this one and she missed a couple more.

        Great week end even though the sun did not show itself.


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          im sure ya'll have heard the old line you shoulda been here yesterday lol. really though this past weekend was one tough time to catch fish. The rain tempature was colder than the creek tempature so the fish were shocked by temp drop. This doesnt happen often and only affects the marginal streams. Those such as dukes tend to run much cooler than our water and. smith has the best of. it all feeding from the lake bottom it tends to be very stable temp wise. It was fantastic meeting you. and i do hope you will be able to take advantage of our resource when it isnt being affected so much by the weather. Also nice catch on the bow up by the bridge. You must have been doing something right cause you did manage to catch a couple under the toughest of conditions. Hope to see you again soon .