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  • awsome catch yesterday

    Thats right folks the world famous guide and B.S. artist Mr Marty Adams finally spent a little time fishing the home waters. I will say the results were not mixed. A 16 and 17 incher to hand and the first of the day and of my new orvis 5wt that my wife and kids got me for fathers day last year at the greatest flyshop in the world UNICOI OUTFITTERS, a solid 22 incher brought to the sandy beach only to break off just as I reached with my hemistats to relieve him of the size 16 adams that fishwillie had so graciously tied for me. The best part of the afternoon was catching huge fish on the dry fly in a sprinkleing rain. It was so cool being unable to see the tiny fly in the thousands of dimples caused by the raindrops but knowing when to strike by the huge agressive swirls of the monster bows. I suppose the worst part being by myself was a mixed blessing as that every fisherman enjoys time alone on the water to think and learn but myself I also like to be around other fishermen the companionship of a friend or soon to be friend is like a drug. One can never get enough fishing buddies, it seems the more you have the more you want. To share the experience of triumph and defeat and to lend a hand in times of need. Not a soul around to see my do an almost perfect catch and release of a six pound rainbow on a rainy friday afternoon. It looks like that is about to change in the coming weekends the calendar is filling fast with fishermen I would not hesitate to fish beside and am proud to call my friends. The weekdays are the jewels though if any of you get a chance to visit us during the week when when things have settled down and the hatch is on I dont think its ever been easier to hook up on the surface with the fish of a lifetime than it is right now here at CABIN ON THE CREEK.

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    If your looking for memories take some time to visit Marty's Place. He manages one of the best trout fisheries in Georgia. I nick named it "Hog Farm"
    You can click on the supporters link above and get some info.


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      Fished about an hour today decided to try a black wooleybugger I think a size 8 and run into all kinds of problems with it. Well if catching 14 inch and smaller fish is a problem. It seemed like the smaller fish were tossing caution into the wind and clobbering it soon as the fly was in the water. I think I caught 6 in the dover hole before forceing myself to move up to the fjord hole. Once there I hooked up imeadiatly with a fish that was much bigger than those I had just left but this one had it figgured out. I was in shorts and sneakers and was not going to get wet the fish burnned down stream 50 feet or so then straight back putting a huge loop of loose line in the water and unable to catch up with him that was that. Funny I moved between the dams and fishing from up to down I hooked a fast little 10 incher lifted the rod and just deposited him right off the hook into the slow still water above. That fish was so confused from culture shock it was almost comical. Moving upstream 15 ft or so I noticed a very nice fish right against the bank on my side but all of 40 feet from me. Well a botched cast a lost wooleybugger and a naughty word told me it was time to end it there.I had fished for about an hour no more than an hour and a half total including setting up and breaking down my 4 piece. Not a soul in sight totally alone and enjoying the learning experience. Gentelmen and ladies the week days are still almost void of folks at least untill school lets out. I know theres some money involved in a trip but weekdays are so economical it seems a shame that I am writeing this report instead of some other members. At this point the fishing is still the stuff that people talk about over a lifetime it really is that good. There will be several members up over the coming weekends but if you want that quite but exciteing experience book a couple of week days you wont be disappointed.