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    My son JC whom im sure many of you have met has completed high school a year and a month early and has a little time on his hands. I have managed to keep him occupied for the most part with a bit of casual labor which he usually refers to as slave driving. Well today we decided to make a easy day of it and broke out the spinning rods canned corn redworms and eagle claw hooks yep back to our put in take out fishery roots. We took JC's 86 toyota sr5 wagon and headed for the mountains. We fished lowgap creek and jesses creek first. Wow the chattahoochee wma is opened up from the tornado a few years back and it was really different up there with everything around the checking station being so open.we did not catch any fish up there but we did go over some family history and take in the beauty and hugeness of the area. We decided to go back down to robertstown and take a crack at it and was tearing them up in no time. What im trying to say is yes its great at cabin on the creek and we have fantastic resources right here on site but theres also so many other places to see and things to do that are as close to our cabins as a few minutes drive. Our cabins can be your hideaway that you never leave for the whole stay or if you want to be on the go you will not find a better base of operations to see our beautiful part of the state.