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fantastic saturday evening

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  • fantastic saturday evening

    What a great fun and fellowship it is to watch someone as you try to teach them the fundamentals of fly fishing. This evening my old pal fishwillie and myself took it upon ourselves to help a young woman learn to flyfish. With absolutely no prior experience on the fly rod I think she did quite well. Inside two hours she had the basics of casting pretty much down and had caught three fish including one healthy rainbow that was about 18 inches and weighed a couple pounds. Overall it was great to see yet another person instantly become so passionately involved in our sport in such a short period of time. I cant promise I will spend two hours with everyone but I can promise that we at cabin on the creek will do our best to make sure your stay is enjoyable and productive.

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    The light cahills are coming off in droves in the evening....stone flies too...and the fish are hungry...will