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  • Good People, Great Place

    Can't say enough about Marty, Will and their families. Had a great weekend at Cabins on the Creek. Can't wait to get back. Marty is just an outstanding person and Will aka fishwilly is right there with him. We had a great cookout last night with great fellowship. Marty thanks for everything and Will thanks for the flies and advice. I'll be back in the summer and we will move some rocks around. Thanks again

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    Man oh man its wonderfull to be me with talk like that lol. Really though its great when all the pieces fall in place and we get to have a gathering like that. Im glad yall made it back to the end of that dirt road in nowhere fla safely. Am so looking forward to our next little shinding, maybe if we continue to get the showers through the summer the great fishing we are having now will hold up. Anyway to all my family and extended family that some call guests, cant wait till yall get back!


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      Thanks for the kind words Dick, great to meet you and your wife...Sure am glad you hooked up with a couple of good fish...see you on your next trip...will