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  • so much going on

    Ok folks i guess yall have noticed that even though i made an anouncement to be in the fourm more i have been a little absent. After 3 years of being down with back and hip problems and finally being able to at least walk now i have been a very busy guy. Replaceing light and water fixtures installing new 2 in blinds new pillows and sheets and many other things not to mention that general maintenance has to be done as well.
    Now the good part. Big fish are starting to move. It seems that the stocker trout the state stocked have wakened those larger fish we have had all along but can never find in winter. As of right now the fishing is avrage to good but i have a little birdie singing that it is going to quickly go to unbelievable about the middle of next week. The next two months are going to be as good as it gets at cabin on the creek so if you want to catch big healthy fish its time to make reservations. Also im very looking forward to seeing everyone saturday at the fling!!!

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    Hi Marty,

    It's good to hear that you're finally getting that back problem somewhat under control. Mitchelle told me that she saw you the other day and that you were looking like you felt much better than in the recent past. Maybe you'll be feeling well enough to shape some clay when you get caught up on all the maintenance.

    Johnny Johnson
    Johnny Johnson<BR>Cleveland, GA<P><BR>


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      Without a doubt theres some pottery making in my future. It really is nice to be in the land of the living. My first coherent thought in what seemed like two years was man im one lucky guy that folks stuck by me cause i know i couldnt have been much fun lately lol. Im still hopeing that you and michelle will come visit soon just send me a message and let me know when yall want the grand tour.