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  • Fishing is on fire!

    Marty Adams, sponsor on NGTO and proprietor of Cabin on the Creek, invited me to come by this afternoon and see if I could teach his new fish a few tricks. I did and I did! In a little over 2 hours I landed about 15 and missed a bunch more. The biggest was 21 inches. The average size of the others was 16 inches. You really need to check out his website at

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    Those sure are puurrtty stars

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    It was great to have you here. Im telling you i still get a bigger kick out of watching others catch them than if i catch them myself no matter if its a first timer or an OLD veteran such as yourself.


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      I'm with you, Marty. After fly fishing all over the world for 60+ years I still get a kick out of seeing others catch fish...especially kids and newcomers to the sport.
      "Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after."
      -Henry David Thoreau