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    Thought I'd be the first to post in your forum. Welcome to NGTO. Thanks for being a sponsor.
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    very nice looking stuff, and wow at the prices. I am not sure I can tie my own that cheap
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      Just placed an order. Without you sponsoring here...I'd have never known about you. Prices are great...hope the quality is good. If so, there's more business acomin'.....


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        Got my order

        I just recieved my order from Caylor and thought I'd post my reactions.

        1. The website was easy to use and it worked correctly. No hitches with accepting payment or navigating the site.

        2. The selection was adequate for my needs...seems to focus on patterns that we'd use in the southeast.

        3. The site sent me an order confirmation via email...doesn't always happen these days. Confirmation was sent the same day as my order was placed.

        4. Order placed on 10/21...flies were in my mail box on 10/23. How you do dat? Wow- that was blazing fast.

        5. Quality appears to be good. I order several soft hackle patterns, copper johns, hare's ear, zebra midges, Y2K and crawfish pattern. All except the crawfish were size 16. Ties appear to be clean (no glue in the eye...which I hate) and nicely done.

        6. Don't know if this was intentional or not but I got an extra fly on two of my patterns (ordered 3-got 4)..nice bonus!

        So all in all...very pleased and at these prices...what's not to like?

        Here's pics...........

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          Glad to hear you had a good experience with Caylor's Flies. I've been ordering from Roger since 1994. Not only are his flies well tied, at a good price, with fast service, but Roger and his family are just good people. You're not dealing with some faceless industry here... instead a solid, honest small businessman that still believes in good service. Pretty rare these days.

          Roger came to our TU chapter and gave a program last year - his is a real American success story. He's continued to support our TU Chapter through donations since then. He walks the talk and I'm honored to count him as a friend.

          His is one of the few places you can still find some of the old-time Smokey Mtn patterns, like the Sheep Fly or Yallerhammer.

          One other thing: if you want a fly that he doesn't carry, or maybe have an idea for a new fly, send him the recipe and he'll custom tie it for you. Same price as regular stock.

          I did just that this last year with a Spent Wing Coffin Fly and it worked so good that he now carries it as regular stock (look in New Flies section). It's deadly at dark-thirty in late May during the green drake hatch. Try it.

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            Thanks for the feedback about Caylor Flies! I know where I will be ordering my flies from next...
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              I Can't Say Enough Good Things About Caylor Custom Flies

              I should have posted a reply to a thread but I mistakenly started a new thread. You are welcome to read it if you like.

              I first bought flies from Roger at last years WNC Fly Fishing Expo. I pretty quickly realized that his flies were very well made and "very" reasonably priced. I got one of his business cards and a few days later I ordered 2-3 more dozen drys and nymphs. Again I was very pleased with this new order. I later ordered 25 + dozen flies and to my surprise these were delivered in about 3 days.

              If you want a great quality fly at a very reasonable price delivered with super customer service "CALL ROGER"


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                I just wish I would've noticed these guys before now! These prices are better than some of my half-price flies I HAVE BEEN purchasing w/a discount elsewhere!
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                  Thanks Bobframe

                  Bobframe, thanks for the very complete review, and the wonderfully detailed pics.

                  I also would never have known about them if they had never become a sponsor. I have been very weary about ordering flys online, but I can not always get to Helen, Blueridge, or down into Atlanta. Quality is also a big issue along with price. I had a brand new zug-bug come unraveled on me a couple of months ago right in the middle of catching some nice browns on it. it was the only one I had and they didn't seem to want anything else. It's nice to have this alternative. I saw the boxes they donated at the fling today, and they looked good.
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                    I saw the donations at the Fling today. Beautiful flies. I wish my raffle ticket had won some.
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                      I saw a live crayfish @ Smith Creek during Preacher's Invitational that was an exact replica of that 1st fly
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                        Solid looking flies! I will be ordering soon
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