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  • New Egg Pattern!

    Check out the new egg pattern Roger has in stock now. He calls it the Egg2K. Right now with the rainbows having the spawn on the mind it is deadly. And the price can't be beat: $9/dozen!

    I've been ordering from Roger since 1994. Not only are his flies well tied, at a good price, with fast service, but Roger and his family are just good people. You're not dealing with some faceless industry here... instead a solid, honest small businessman that still believes in good service. Pretty rare these days.

    Roger regularly donates to our TU chapter and gave a program on his busines a few years back - he's a real American success story. He walks the talk and I'm honored to count him as a friend.

    His is one of the few places you can still find some of the old-time Smokey Mtn patterns, like the Sheep Fly or Yallerhammer.

    One other thing: if you want a fly that he doesn't carry, or maybe have an idea for a new fly, send him the recipe and he'll custom tie it for you. Same price as regular stock.
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    Roger has been one of our sponsors for 2 years now and has been generous in donating flies for our auctions at the flings. They are QUALITY flies at prices that cannot be beat!

    Make sure to stop by his booth at the Great Southern Fishing Show and say hello - and buy some flies and hooks!
    Those sure are puurrtty stars


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      i tie that pattern with a yellow egg and orange yoke. It works really good. I think they are also called globugs.


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        Oh that's crazy. I tie the same thing, but I call it "Candy Corn".


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          Originally posted by franklinZappa View Post
          Oh that's crazy. I tie the same thing, but I call it "Candy Corn".
          ha ha, thanks man for the plug man.


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            I tye the same thing but I just call it a junk fly, it works.
            "I like beer, do you like beer, I like beer a lot."


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              News from roger.....

              Dear Customer,

              I appreciate you allowing me to supply your fishing flies last year, it was my busiest year since I started tying commercially in 1991. As most of you know, we moved to our place in the Florida panhandle last spring. This allowed us to be near our son and daughter and made it easier for them to help me with the tying. They are both experienced tiers and willing workers.

              I usually add a list of NEW FLIES each January, but this year Iím doing something different. I plan to add a new fly the first of each month. The fly will be displayed as the FEATURED PRODUCT and will be on sale at a special price for the remainder of the year. Thereís a couple reasons for this change; I havenít been able to build up a complete inventory of new flies and thereís a couple of dry flies I want to add but must wait and see how the hackle supply is this year. Most fly anglers know about the shortage of feathers last year.

              The price for the rest of my flies remains unchanged. There is a small increase in the shipping for Priority and Express, First Class is the same as last year.

              When you order flies this year, please check the expiration date on the credit card you have listed on the site and update if necessary.

              I have a good supply of the flies that are listed on my website and look forward to serving you this year.


              Roger Caylor

              PS Ė If you plan to attend the Great Southern Fishing Show at the North Atlanta Trade Center this month (21 & 22), email me back for a coupon for $1.00 off the admission price.