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  • Caylor Custom Flies -hackle sale

    Hi all!
    I started raising my own hackle roosters a few years ago, when it became near impossible to get any decent feathers from the major hackle farms. This year I should have some extra capes and saddles to sell. They are under the category -Fly Tying Hackle on my website. There are a few on now, but I will be adding more as they are available. I anticipate my dry fly hackle to improve over the next year, as I breed better and better roosters. Due to the consumable nature of hackle, I can't offer a refund, but I intend to keep the prices as low as possible. Thanks, and Tight Lines!
    Roger Caylor

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    Thanks for the heads up Roger.

    Good luck with this venture....I'll be checking the website.
    The Drifter

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      nice! that sounds pretty cool man. I've been to your website several times to look around and you have a good selection. I've also heard several people brag about the quality of your flies.


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        Very cool Roger. Are you cooking any coq au vin?