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Supermodels Love FERN VALLEY!!!!

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  • Supermodels Love FERN VALLEY!!!!

    Hopefully the subject line drew you in. I'm sure Supermodels would love catching huge rainbows on dry flys! I have been guiding up at Fern a lot over the last two weeks. The fishing has been unreal!! The recent rains have dropped the water temps down near 65 and the water has a nice stain to it. The fish are loving the cooler evening temps, higher water and BIG DRY FLYS!!! If rises are occurring pop on a Big dry, Chubby s, Sex Dungeons, Larger Caddis. They have also been hitting small betis dropped of the big dry. Size 18 to 20 on the small drop.

    Nymphing has also been productive under an indicator. Small midges and good old Pats rubber legs are still producing eats. We have had some success on worms also...brown with a blue color and squirmys. Soft hackles in olive has produced well in the faster water and on the swing.

    Most of the fish we have landed have come out of 18 to 36 inches of walking speed water. If the water is moving get a fly in there!!!

    One week left if we are lucky!