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  • Split a trip

    If anybody wanst to split the cost of a trip with David I am up for a trip anytime after Christmas.
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    after christmas

    Well Im down as long as I am well funded either from Christmas and my stocking is full of funds for a special trip like Ive asked for, or as long as my wife stays spend thrifty and I have the money that way I will be down.
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      Split a trip

      If anyone is interested in splitting a trip please let me know. I have a person from Jacksonville that would like to split a triple tail trip on either late April or early May. I highly recommend a week day trip for TT. There is a lot of pressure on these fish during the weekend.
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        How long a trip? Four, six, or all day? I've been wanting to come up and fish with you for a while. Might be able to make that work out. I'm actually in Jacksonville too so that could work out well for both parties. Need to check my work schedule, because I'm actually heading up to the mountains a week after that.
        Feel free to shoot me a PM. Thanks!

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