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Oyster T-shirts - About Time!

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  • Oyster T-shirts - About Time!

    I went by the rod shop on Saturday to have a cold one with Bill and Riley and Shannen showed me the cool new t-shirts they just got in. There are two designs to choose from, and I chose the the Rod Making Class shirt because the image of the fat guy with his fly line stuck in the tree reminded me of someone I know.

    Next time you are in town, swing by the shop to say hello and grab an Oyster Bamboo t-shirt while they last.

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    Was in the class two weeks ago and got one of each. They are nice looking t-shirts.


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      How'd they get my picture? :-)

      What's the other design of? I guess I'll have to cruise over to the old Oyster site and see what's up...

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