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  • Low water fishing

    Dog days of Summer and low water is the norm this time of year.

    September is a transitional month for us here in North Georgia. Still hot and muggy but one big plus is slightly cooler nights. This translates into cooler water temps and trout that will become more aggressive. Especially toward the end of the month.

    Low water can make it tough on alot of trout fishermen. The skinny water can make trout very spooky. Couple of things to remember about low water are stealth and longer leaders if possible.

    Stealth can work in a fisherman's favor 12 months out of the year but more so during low water periods. Take advantage of fishing upstream as most trout will hold in their lie facing upstream. If fishing downstream, do not cast directly into a likely spot but rather allow your fly to float in with a good drift. Stay out of the water as much as possible. Unless you are very good at spotting holding trout at a good distance away, make longer casts if possible. Many people will see a trout after it has already spotted the angler. The raising of the rod can send the trout racing away. And even if it doesn't flee, it may not take your offering. Remember to stay low as much as possible and your rod low when casting. Dress with earth tone clothing and stay away from bright neon colors.

    Longer leaders may help you on these low water streams. I like to use about 2-3 feet of fluorocarbon on the end of my leader. A 11 or 12 foot leader may be difficult to cast at times but can be rewarding. Stay with small tippets like 6X unless you are hunting for a big trout.

    Fish Hard! You Can Rest An Eternity.

    A North Georgia Fly Fishing Outfitter

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    All are GREAT TIPS !! Thanks for sharing your info!!
    "Some go to church and think about fishing, others go fishing and think about God." -Tony Blake