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  • Almost Dry Fly Time

    Hey Folks,

    We have been on the water a ton in the last two weeks. Bugs are really coming out based on air temps. 60-65 degrees is good but 70 is better!

    Dry Fly fishing for some anglers is the greatest form of all. I always enjoy coming out of the dredging mode to the dry/dropper. But, when it's dry only, it can be so much fun!

    Couple of small streams trout are more enthusiastic. So, is the rodo and mtn laurel, etc. See your surrounds, get into a good position to present your cast and importantly set the hook, presentation without drag, and catch some top water action. Tip...small stream trout will many times hit any dry at least one time if your present correctly and don't spook it.

    You don't have to necessarily match the hatch. If you see a trout rising, give it a minute and see what it is rising to. Many times, just matching the size and color will catch that trout. Remember to match up your tippet to fly. Rule of thumb is fly size divided by 3. If you get too far away from this rule, fly turn over may not complete correctly.

    Update to what we are seeing:

    Quills have been out and in decent numbers (size 10 or 12).

    Last two days, tons of black caddis (size 14) out and on the water surface. Bringing some trout up for splashy rises. Trout are not super aggressive for surface flies yet but they are coming up.

    Some Mayflies are out but more importantly pay attention to what you see.

    As weather continues to get to 70 or better...the bugs will keep coming!

    Good luck and have fun!

    Fish Hard! You Can Rest An Eternity.

    A North Georgia Fly Fishing Outfitter

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    Dink wore out some wild fish yesterday on a size 14 Adams. They were really looking up for the first time this spring.