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Cohutta Wilderness Fire update Nov 16th 2016

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  • Cohutta Wilderness Fire update Nov 16th 2016

    Hey folks,

    Ellijay Downtown meeting for an update last night about this fire inside of the Cohutta Wilderness area:

    - fire was started by a lightning strike and fire is now coming to an end!

    - Jack's River helped contain the northern and eastern side of fire while the Connie helped contain the western side

    - There are two fires burning in the southwestern side which will continue to burn Wednesday (today) and Thursday. This will end the last of the heaviest burning/smoke

    - Current cost is at $4.3 million to contain/control

    - Gold Team will be breaking down over the next 3 days and traveling to another fire. They will be leaving one crew to maintain embers over the next couple of months. They said that they were overwhelmed by the support they received from the fine folks of Gilmer and Fannin Counties. And they wanted to "sincerely thank everyone" who brought stuff (water, snacks, clothing items) to their site but to please not bring anymore items as they will be moving on shortly.

    - No Firemen were injured in this event and no structures/homes were burned

    - The entire area of the burned Cohutta Wilderness (approximately 24,000 acres as of yesterday) will be closed probably until Spring

    - Only approximately 2% of the trees were affected by the fire as it was mostly a forest floor fire

    - As many of you know, wilderness areas are protected to a certain extent from man-made items. A fire like this is to be contained without use of vehicles/heavy equipment. Basically a burn out but being contained. All work was completed by approximately 260 amazing personnel on foot (one crew was from Puerto Rico), two dozers used on the borders of the wilderness lines, etc. and two helicopters (this part of the info is about a week old).

    There you have all the news that I know based on the info given. I am extremely proud of the fire team and their efforts given to contain this fire and keep it inside the designated perimeters.

    James Bradley
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    Thanks for an update.
    I am officially upgrading Gatorbyte from "fly in my ointment" to "thorn in my side". If he happens to elevate himself to "pain in my a$$" I'm gonna blame it on RScott.

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      Fantastic news that it was almost completely forest floor burning.
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        Thanks James!

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          Great report James, thanks! Screw the local news, you get your best news and info from your fishing buddies!
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            Thanks for sharing.


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              Man that is a "breath of fresh air" there. I was very worried about the trees and the effects the fire would have had on the rivers, creeks and streams in the wilderness if they died.
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                Thanks James!

                Great info. I am hoping to get up that way in December and will touch base once I know for sure.
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                  Phew, TYVM!!!!
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                    Thanks for the info, James.
                    A glorified controlled burn will be a blessing for wildlife!

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                      Update 11/25/2016

                      Here is the latest info on the Cohutta/Rough Ridge Fire.

                      One thing that I did misunderstand is the size of the crew being left to work the fire. I had assumed the crew would be small. The crew that has replaced the Gold Team is actually 197 personnel. So, still a lot of man power on the job.

                      Fire has now consumed 27,870 acres of forest floor and is 75% contained. Mainly smoldering logs and stumps. Some concern over falling leaves that could possibly reignite fire in cleared areas.

                      It has been clear most days without any smoke or smell of smoke. Earlier this week on a Toccoa float, we could see some minor smoke in long distances on the river. Thankfully nothing major...

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