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Good - bye to a good friend

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  • Good - bye to a good friend

    Rob - again my condolences to the loss of Rocky. He will be greatly missed. He was a friend to many and loved by many. Heck, most of the time he was the only sane individual in the whole shop.

    The shop wont be the same without him.

    My best wishes and prayers extend to you, your wife and son.
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    Sorry to hear about Rocky.

    I stopped in real quick yesterday for some tying material and thought everyone was down just cause the AC didn't look like it was working.

    My condolences and best wishes and prayers to everyone that will miss Rocky.
    Nothing is impossible the impossible just takes a little longer. So take your time and enjoy the experience.


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      Sorry to hear about Rocky. I always looked forward to seeing him in the shop. Stopping to step over him made me also stop and think about what's really the good life.


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        Thanks for the kind words, folks. I've been off since we lost him. Today is my first day back at work and it is strange not to have him in the back seat of my car or lying around the shop. He was a special dog, the best, and I mourn the loss of such a great personality. -Rob


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          Sorry to hear about Rocky.....


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            Losing a good dog is traumatic. The only thing that got me through my many deaths of beloved dogs was remembering the good times and overflowing my heart with gratefulness for the time I had. That, and some tear.
            Rocky was a special dog and you, Rob, are a great guy. You were both lucky to have been together. A toast to Rocky!


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              sentimental journey

              too bad about rocky, i have a cat,,lightnin,, that will be 16 in the fall, when the woman here was in the hospital with terrible pneumonia, lightnin would sleep with me on the floor, so faithful, like she knew somethin was wrong, of course a cat can also reflect an attitude of not caring, but some of them are wonderful, faithful, an in cold weather, loves to sleep in my lap, shes my youngun allmost, i think i have a daughter,an grandkids in tennessee, i think, families aint families no more , like they used to be, but a good animal can be like your kid, best friend and all thats good,,


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                I never have figured out why God allows the lifetime disparity between humans and dogs. If I get up there, I am going to ask.

                My only solution, not 100%, but the best I have found, is another.



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                  Rob I am sorry about Rocky he was always's hard to imagine the Fish Hawk without him. One of the preschoolers asked me one day, "Pastor did you know tha dog spelled backwards is God?" Each dog brings another experience of God's love through animal companionship - I have no doubt of that. Dogs don't care where we work, what we do, how much money we make or our outward appearance - they love us unconditionally and are glad to see us every time we come home. We can learn lots from our dogs.


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                    Dog is love
                    What a long strange trip it's been...and it's not over yet!


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                      I'm not bringing anyone down or dumping on a great pooch, but has anyone noticed this thread is three years old?
                      I am officially upgrading Gatorbyte from "fly in my ointment" to "thorn in my side". If he happens to elevate himself to "pain in my a$$" I'm gonna blame it on RScott.

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                        Originally posted by baldea View Post
                        I'm not bringing anyone down or dumping on a great pooch, but has anyone noticed this thread is three years old?
                        21 years old in dog years....


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                          Originally posted by KeithO View Post
                          21 years old in dog years....
                          Good one Keith!

                          PS: he was a great pooch indeed. This thread honors his memory.
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                            Awe. I love dogs. He's in dog heaven now.


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                              Originally posted by phlyster View Post
                              Awe. I love dogs. He's in dog heaven now.
                              For a awhile now, your a good guy phylster ( anyone that loves dog usually is), by the way I did find more info that supports that floatants can damage your F line, I quit that.
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