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The Curse of Fish Hawk!

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    Originally posted by terry creech View Post
    Hey Tommy- you need a job in the Middle East. Ain't no fishin' in the sand.
    You got that right TerryHeck that might not be a bad ieda.


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      I know the feeling

      I made a visit to the FH recently for the first time in a very long time. I needed to replace my old leaky Hodgeman pant waders. The last time I was there was about 15 yrs ago ? Had my mind set on a SAGE but after going in the parking lot and casting about a half-dozen rods, I purchased a Diamond Back All American. Still one of my "go to" rods on small streams (4 wt, 7'). Well, on this visit, Bob (I think that's his name) allowed me to try-on all types of waders and he was very knowledgeable about the products (as I remembered from my last visit). Ended up getting me the SIMMS Headwater waders. Which at my age, may be the last pair I'll ever purchase. (The Hodgemans lasted almost 10 yrs !).. I totally encourage anyone in the market for fishing stuff to support our local vendors. These guys are great. Now, I did see the gun shop next door.... But, just close my eyes and walked very fast past that place.... A new shotgun would be just too much for me to have to splain to the wife. Didn't know about the strip club...


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        The key to managing your affliction ...

        Originally posted by driftwood View Post
        So I love this shop!! I just walked in today to get some hooks and beads for the flies I am donating to our NGTO event and I walked out with about $100.00 worth of supplies. Does anybody else share this curse? Oh well, I guess it is money well spent!
        ... is to take the time to write out a list of items that you really need. Put that list in your pocket and go to the Fish Hawk. Of course, if you're like me, you leave the list on the kitchen table as you charge out the door in a fit of self control OR you forget that you have the list on your person. FH likes it that way.
        Cheers, Don


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          I worked a block away from them for a few years. Needless to say I have a nice colletion of gear. I have learned to be true to my needs though and managed to only spen 40 dollars there on Saturday. My brother in law, who just was tagging along, walked out with a new Nautilus reel, spare spool, and a crap load of flies.....

          By the way I love Nautilus slogan. On the box it says "tested on animals"


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            yeah a list, that's it. When I do get to make it to real fly fishing shop from way down here in warner bubba it's like a kid in a candy store. I can touch and feel it and see it. It's almost as bad as going to a jewelry store, those little bags cost lots of money. Although this last weekend while up in Helen, I got out of UO with only 1 spool of thread. 2 bucks and I got change back !!! Of course this is because I forgot to buy it on my first trip to the store, ker plunk.....


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              I was down by there around noon today and thought about going in. Actually took control of myself and headed the car home, but found myself going back a few minutes later. What's the harm of going back to "look" for a second time in a week (I should have known better) - came home $400 lighter in the wallet, but OOOOOH I can't wait to get out with that new rod!


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                Tungsten Head Flies

                I took my $25 off coupon over to Orvis to find out they don't sell tungsten head flies any longer. Shannon says he tells people to put on split shot.

                Went over to the Fish Hawk and found four nice TH patterns that I will be trying out Saturday. $50 for two dozen flies. 1 hour BS'n with Rob, Ronnie, Paul and other FH patrons. priceless.

                I did make it through Chuck's without spending anything.

                The cure to the spending curse is to give most all your money to your wife and let her spend it.


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                  Fortunately, I do not have the problem of having a fly shop on my drive home, but occasionally I do get sidetracked and wind up in Bass Pro Shops on a Tuesday night for the fly tying class. That usually costs me a few bucks, even if I don't buy materials for the flies from that session.