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Kudos to Gary & the Guys

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  • Kudos to Gary & the Guys

    Went to the shop a few weeks ago and Gary talked me into a Butter stix (Reddington 7' 3wt) with the Titanium 3/4 reel. He never steers me wrong. Sorry I missed Bob but Ronnie and the guys were a big help. Anyway I got to try it out this past weekend up in Helen with a nice little hatch of Caddis, Midges and BWOs. Caught several SNITs on the surface and had a blast with the rod. I went north of town into the WMA area and was able to get several on top. What a joy to be able to fish and not be constantly be in the trees trying to untangle a fly. Was able to cast sideways, verticle, and even left handed. A truly fun rod and really glad that he talked me into it because I was set on a much faster and more expensive setup. Thanks again.