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Superior Customar Service at The Fish Hawk

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  • Superior Customar Service at The Fish Hawk

    Late last summer, I finally replaced my old Field and Stream boots with a brand new pair of Korkers Chromes with the Boa lacing system. Because they are a sponsor, I went to The Fish Hawk to buy them.

    After only a dozen or so outings, I had some real problems with the lace loops that the wire runs through. The guides were coming out of the insides of the loops, and one loop had pulled almost completely away from the upper. They have since redesigned the loop guides to elimiate these problems - but this is not a Korkers thread, but rather about The Fish Hawk.

    Anyway, I was in the Fish Hawk a week or so ago and I mentioned the problem. I was told to bring them in and they would take a picture and send it to they guys at Korkers. So today I did just that. However, after looking at the problem, not only did they take the picture, but they were confident enough that Korkers would honor it as a defect that they sent me away with a brand new pair of Korkers White Horse boots, which is the model replacement for the Chrome's.

    Now while some may say that it was defective and should be replaced, the point is that that would be Korkers problem. In my view, the guys at The Fish Hawk had no obligation to just send me away with a brand new pair of boots. Sure, they were confident Korkers would replace them, but that is still just above and beyond in my book.

    Thanks Fish Hawk. You guys rock!
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    X2 on the Fish Hawk...I went in as a newbie fly tier only having experienced a class. I had a short list of stuff I wanted, but not really sure, and they spent a ton of time with me getting squared away. No pressure to buy, tons of advice. Great folks there.

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      X3. I purchased a pair of Smith Optics about 20 years ago and I broke them (glass lenses) A week later I had a new pair. I still wear them. Thumbs up for FishHawk.


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        4x..... My wife ordered me a pair of Simms waders in the wrong size. I mentioned this to Gary and he swapped them for me even though thru my embarrassment and amazement because they were ordered online. That's customer service in my book. I seldom buy anything online but travel to the Hawk or one of the other local shops and keep the money local and our local shops strong.
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          My Korker's chromes are doing the same thing. The black wire guides have slipped out of place, and it is making it impossible to get a tight fit on my foot. I will stop by the Hawk and let them know about it. Thx for posting


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            Had great service the times I have been in. Great folks and happy to spend my $$$ there!


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              The guy that reps Korkers used to work at the Fish Hawk, so the Fish Hawk knows that Korkers will fix the problem. The rep is one of my best friends. Korkers is a top notch company and will take care of their customers.
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                The Fish Hawk is a pretty top notch fly shop too.
                There's trout in here that aint never been caught!