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  • 1911 Fans?

    There's gotta be a few of you here. Favorite manufacturers? Favorite magazines?

    I'm in the market for my first 1911 which would be destined to be a CCW. I shoot 1911s in .45ACP well and am familiar with operation, field stripping, and breakdown. I'm considering a Kimber Pro CDP II but am always interested in different opinions and thoughts.

    Opinions? Thoughts?

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    Best value imo is the taurus. Its got 1k worth of tooling and parts for half that.

    I like the wilson combat tactical elite mags.
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      I don't own one, but who doesn't love a 1911. Probably the greatest modern firearm design of all time.

      And the cool thing is you can spend anywhere from $400-$2000 on one!

      For the money, the RIAs really a great deal. My next favorite up is the Springfield Mil Spec. Awesome weapon for $600.

      Then you have your Para, Sig, Kimber, and on up to Wilson and Ed Brown, and then the holy grail... The almighty Colt.

      Agree on the Wilson mags.


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        Check out the kimber ultra carry. They have the frame carry melt and a bobtail. The wilson 47D mags are my fave. They run in anything.



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          I have a Kimber Tactical Pro Carry II. It is light, but not as light or as small as the Ultra Carry. It is one of three fire arms that I carry on a regular basis. I alternate firearms based on what I am wearing, what I will be doing and where I may be going. It is a great shooter and I think the kimber mags are good, and I really like the Wilson Combat mag. I also have some Chip McCormick shooting star mags and have never had a problem with those either, the the Wilson is the smoothest. I also have a Mil Spec 1911 from Springfield. It is one of the best shooting guns I have. I would look at the Kimbers and the Springfields. I really like the Springfield EMP.


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            Of all the 1911's I have shot, owned, or do own, I like the Kimber's the best. Can't beat the Wilson mags either.


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              My parents gave me a Kimber Pro Covert II when I graduated from UGA and its the first and only 1911 I plan on ever owning. Its just an all around great gun!


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                Super Carry Pro

                I bought myself the Kimber Super Carry Pro for Christmas and have over 1000 rounds through her.

                She gave me a little trouble returning to battery in the beginning, but now that I've got her broke-in she runs smooth. It also helps to learn how much and where to put the lube.

                If I can ever find some rubber washers that are the right size to put under the grip screws like they have on a Beretta 92FS then I will be set forever. I know about loc-tite, but I like to take the grips off to clean her and I can't see putting loc-tite on everytime.

                I did buy a couple Wilson Combat mags and they have worked flawlessly, However they do stick out below the grip with square edges. This takes away from the CCW benefits of the rounded heel, so I carry with the Kimber Tac-Pro mag that came with her.

                I love the combination of 45 stopping power, with 4" 1911 size, and aluminum frame weight. (Kinda like a petit women that wears a big bra.)

                Right now I'm trying to decide if I should get a 55BN or NLG from Milt Sparks to carry her in.


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                  grip o-rings

                  check out VZ Grips they have them.



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                    .45 workhorse

                    My favorite handgun is the 1911A1. I carried a Remington-made 1911 in Vietnam and since that experience I have owned several 1911s. The most durable and dead-on accurate with relatively little tweaking has been the Auto Ordnance*. I made slight improvements: Millett sights, Mark IV barrel/bushing, rubber grips (Pachmayr). My carry .45 is a Kimber Tactical Compact. The Kimber requires very close maintenance - especially as a concealed carry firearm - moisture seems to be attracted to these hard-shooting pistols. I like the accuracy and the cycle speed.

                    *If I had to go into combat today this is the pistol I'd take.


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                      The Rod & Gun club in the PI was shut down and they had a huge sale. I was back from my 4/2 rote and stopped in to find two Colt 1911A1 WWI comm; Chateau Thierry & Belleau Woods. Were expensive, but I had combat pay, tax deduc so I bought em. Shipped home after that tour ended. Wanted to shoot, so bought barrel, bushing, slide and Pac grips and put good stuff in the safe. I love them, but my carry is a Glock 40.


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                        I needed a double action for duty. I got a Para Ord. Traditionalists might turn up their nose at a double action 1911, but it has been real sweet. I outshoot the Glock crowd at qualifying everytime. I always get the "hey whats that you shootin" looks


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                          The main reason I like my 1911A1 is the bullet lease the barrel already the size that other calibers want to grow up to be.


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                            An old ranger was asked why he shot a .45 cal. He answered, "because they don't make a .46". Carried a worked Colt Commander for a long time and it shoot where it was pointed, of course after several thousand rounds brought me and her togther TRW


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                              The problem with a colt 1911 is carrying it around fully loaded. Even with all the safeties and the leather snap from your holster between the firing pin and the hammer it is still a safty concern. With no bullet in the chamber it takes two hands to load a bullet to shoot the gun. Impossible to do if you are driving or have one hand occupied. Fully loaded, I assume, also keeps constant pressure on the spring. Springs break under constant pressure. Great weapon if you are ready and prepared for action like in a war.