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    Originally posted by Architorture View Post
    no difference in pattern, imo. the choke determines the pattern, not the barrel length.

    only difference is the weight, which affects the swing. some people say 28" swings better because it has a little more momentum. I think its a negligible difference, personally. My dove gun is a 26" barreled Remington 1100, my quail gun is a 28" sxs. I think I shoot both about equally well. If anything, I would switch the two around since I think the longer barrel might nominally help on passing birds (doves) while the shorter might be better for point shooting quail in tight cover. But still, I don't think it matters enough to change anything.

    I have no idea the correlation of barrel length to height. Never heard of that before.
    The swing is the thing.....and with passing birds (and skeet) a longer barrel will work better for most folks. Your 1100, with a 26" barrel, should be about the same overall length as your SxS with a 28" barrel.