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Lease/Hunt club availability in North Ga

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  • Lease/Hunt club availability in North Ga

    Looking to join a club as a new hunter. I am in Dacula so something close by, with in an hour or so would be ideal. Does anyone know of such a club? I am interested in Deer and Birds. Maybe some small game. Thanks Luke

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    Your best bet would be towards Oglethorpe & Green counties. Log on to GON forum. Be patient now, but keep your feelers open. And definitely do not join a club without first seeing the property and meeting the other hunters. Also make sure they have rules that are enforceable. Watch out for "family" clubs. A lot of time, it means that the family is looking for someone else to help pay. I'll keep my feelers out and know of one good club but not sure if they need members.


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      Second huntfish's recommendation of counties. I was on a club in Oglethorpe Co. last season. We had deer, ducks, turkey, most small game and some predators. Killed a bunch of ducks my best buck to date and saw more turkeys on a single piece of property than ever. I'm currently not on the club because we were having some trespasser issues and some items started to turn up missing but that area is great for what your wanting. My father-in-law use to be on a club in Greene as well and has nothing but good things to say about it. Also there are some really good WMA's in Greene Co. as well. Both should be convient drive a few members on my old club lived in Dacula and in Winder/Bethlehem. I would also check craigslist in addition to watching GON, I have seen alot of hunting club openings on there. Might check GON magazine and Georgia Sportsmen too. Best of luck

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        wait til next august to find one... people will be liquidating spots and you will have missed most of the summer work!

        I would also consider Jackson and Forsyth Counties.

        Link to GON forum:

        I see a few in Greene, a few in Oglethorpe, one in Jackson...


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          Thanks guys. Keep in touch Russ. Thanks


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            Greene County Hunting

            Last year about this time I did some searching and joined a small club in Greene County. It is 234 acres including camping area. One gate access. Walk the whole place from camp. Plenty deer and turkeys. 15+ year pines bordered by hardwood bottoms with another creek down the middle. $417 per member per year, 7 members only, NO family, NO guests, NO atv's, NO boozers, NO "MY" areas. Right now I think there are three spots open with dues payable by Feb 18.

            I looked at a couple other neighboring clubs over the last couple weekends that cost over twice as much but with the increased size require either driving from camp and/or an atv to get around.

            The 1950 acre for $875/year club is nice, but with two "MY" areas for 25 members based on seniority the pickings are from the bottom up. Adding that some members buy 2+ memberships to block others from getting anywheres close to their food plots takes away from the "club" atmosphere.

            The 1000 acre club is a bunch of atv riding boozers.


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              Can you shoot me a PM with some more info, club rules and google earth info. Sounds like a perfect setup for me.