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Ar15 as a home defense weapon?

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    I'll probably get shot while trying to decide which of my guns I'm going to grab because I couldn't find my glasses.


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      Originally posted by SWMBKRN View Post
      My opinion is that the AR style rifles are best as perimeter defense weapons. My favorite home defense weapon is a riot shotgun with a full stock and extended tube backed by a few pistols. While the AR15 would work as home defense I feel that in close quarters such as your house having a spread (I load my shotgun with 2 number 4 rounds followed by 2 number 00 rounds and then a final number 4) makes for a more deadly weapon. Then I have a Judge loaded with number 4 shells and then the glocks and then the revolvers in that how I would defend my home. The AR would come out first if I knew someone was coming and I wanted to stop them before they got to the house.
      Just my opinion.
      I agree a short barreled shotgun is my first choice for inside the home
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        Preacher is on the right track. For the record, if there are any government employees monitoring this site, I got rid of all of my firearms. However......if I did have any weapons, I would have a .357 handgun under the couch cushions, a Remington 700 in 30.06 in a corner in the kitchen and a Mossberg pump 12 gauge in the bedroom. Lots of good information in this thread. I love the AR but am in agreement that close quarters confrontations would best be handled with a scattergun and as James Buice alluded, familiarity with your firearm is your best weapon and safety precaution.
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          Thanks man!

          Originally posted by James Buice View Post
          Practicing with something and being familiar with your weapon plus proper form and muscle memory makes the shooter. For home defense, shotgun with #4 high brass so it has less chance of penetrating walls is my personal choice.

          That is a sweet AR
          I appreciate that buddy! I love it and it shoots like a dream. I'm hoping to get an AR10 sometime this year, but it seems like I'm always needing or wanting something fly fishing related. I'll have one soon enough and will post when I do. In the mean while, I plan on getting just a 22LR Tactical range shooter. I'm not going to drop a lot on it because I'm just going to shoot around with it while saving money. Thank you and all of you for reading and watching my videos. I'll be posting more soon! You can also check out my Blog that I'm currently working on. I'm trying to put things on there that might give a new guy a little help here and there. Choosing equipment can be tricky especially if you are budget limited to begin with. Most people don't want to drop a ton starting out, so I'm giving information out for those guys. Enjoy, Jaiyman if anyone is interested


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            my 1911 stays pretty much in arms reach of me any time I'm at home. Sig and flashlights in the nightstand, as well.


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              Practic Practice Practice

              Try this after you create your defense plan and have practiced with your weapon of choice for home defense. Place your weapon where you will have it at the ready. Then assign someone in your home to pick a random night and set your alarm clock to a buzz only setting - preferably in the wee hours when only bad guys and fisherman are awake. At the buzz, get up and out of bed, locate your weapon and light and execute your security plan. If it takes you longer than the time for someone to walk from your backdoor to your bedroom you are not ready for home defense. More likely is that you have been at minimum assaulted and very possibly dead.

              Practice Practice Practice. And in total darkness too. The bad guys may have thrown the outside circuit breaker as their first order of business.


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                John, this could help...

                Or one of these:

                "What's his offense?"
                "Groping for trouts in a peculiar river."
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                  That is a pretty slick bed holster. Need to get one of them for my Sig Sauer family. Where did you find that?


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                    I dont recall the site but google "bed holster" or "mattress holster". Sounds silly but that's what they are.

                    Actually, they can be seen at
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                    "What's his offense?"
                    "Groping for trouts in a peculiar river."
                    ― William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure


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                      Love that mattress hanger, George. I will soon have one holdin' mah SKS while mah wife has the ol' 1927 Army .38 in the dresser drawer next to her, an' this is why:

                      Our bigger dawg, Boudreaux, jes' up an' commenced a-barkin' t'other night fer no apparent reason. He was jes' a-lyin' at the foot of the bed an' growlin' at the doorway into the bedroom from the staircase. Meaux settled into somethin' akin to rigor mortis an' wouldn't reach over to her nightstand drawer to git the .38, an' I couldn't git out from anunderneath the sheets to reach fer it mah own se'f.

                      I fin'ly wiggled loose an' got over to the gun cabinet in the corner an' grabbed the SKS since it was closer than creepin' round the bed and grabbin' her sidearm from the drawer. A thirty-round magazine and a bay-o-net maht be considered a wee bit much by some, but I didn't extend the bay-o-net. The SKS is a relatively short weapon, 'bout as long as the M-1 carbine. It's easy to git around corners an' tight spots without presentin' too much of a profile or target to yer antagonist. Besides, there ain't ennybody 'ceptin' fer mah wife, mahse'f an' two dogs s'posed to be in the house at night, so if'n I pour thirty rounds of 7.62x39mm steel core ammnermition through the walls, I ain't too particklarly worried 'bout who maht be on the receivin' end of mah barrage, since they weren't invited to be there in the firstest place.

                      All that bein' said allows me to draw upon mah own plan of action to say that, if you have thunk it all through, then yes, an AR-15 is a great home defense weapon. Jes' be sure that you know what is on the other side of the walls when you are unloadin' a whole magazine on the poor, stupid idjut that thought it was a good idear to come into your abode uninvited in the middle of the night.
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                        In the mean while, I plan on getting just a 22LR Tactical range shooter
                        If your AR is going to be your primary/go-to HD weapon may I suggest that you get a .22 upper for your AR. Then you can practice a lot with the same system and do it cheaply.
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                          "One problem is finding a place to properly train with a rifle for CQB situation."



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                            Hope you all live on 200 acre plantations and not in crowed subdivisions. When your bullets start crashing through your neighbors homes your neighbors will team up with the burglars and start shooting at you! For sure.


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                              Originally posted by star8 View Post
                              Hope you all live on 200 acre plantations and not in crowed subdivisions.

                              True dat!

                              If you can't pee off your front porch without upsetting anyone, a shotgun makes a much safer HD weapon.

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                                home defense

                                Saw something on cable the other night but can't find a link anywhere on internet. In wall hidden electronically fired(wireless) multiple shells gun. Had about 8 tubes on it and you faced it certain areas. Used during home invasion when invaders are standing in front of it. Kinda like a claymore.