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Anybody on here Grouse hunt?

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  • Anybody on here Grouse hunt?

    Ok, so I know most of us love to walk around in the mountains fishing, but I was wondering if anyone on here grouse hunted or knows if anyone that does. I know there aren't that many Grouse left but I was hoping to try it one day!

    Also, anyone know of any woodcock hunting or other upland bird hunting opportunities beside the pay-to-play reserves? I'd love to try upland hunting but paying $300 for a few hours of fun adds up quickly, especially with a daughter starting law school 😢
    - Jed Green

    "I will make you fishers of men" - Christ
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    I do Dawg Vet. My gun dog died a few years back so now I have find them without a dog, shoot them and retrieve them. If you don't mind hiking up and down some tall hills and through some conifers the grouse are there...


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      GA. Grouse

      I've hunted Grouse in North Ga. a few times. There are places where you can manage a few flushes. Look for areas where clear cutting took place in the past. Those re-growth areas seem to provide better food for the Grouse. Unfortunately they seem to love the steep hills so be prepared for some serious exercise!


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        I did before moving to GA a year ago. Since then, I haven't found an opportunity or someone to go with.



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          To me grouse hunting is akin to fly fishing in the upland world. It's the one species you can chase without a massive investment and/or being a 1%. It's not anything someone driving you around so you can shoot 20 pen raised quails which is a good or bad thing depending on your perspective.


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            I have only shot pen raised birds but thought about trying for grouse in North Georgia last year. Did some research and there are supposedly some up in Cohutta. Never got around to attempting it though...


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              There is a fellow in north Georgia who is an avid grouse hunter(with dogs) if you would like and can try make the connection.


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                Eyefly, is he a guide or just an enthusiast?


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                  enthusiast. Member of the grouse society, etc. Super nice guy and does not get tired climbing mountains