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    Yes, that's hilarious

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      Good one GP. I can't get my printer to even print paper most of the time.


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        Originally posted by 80Dawg View Post
        Folks, everyone is not either a GUN GRABBER or an NRA member. I have owned guns, hunting rifles, and pistols all my life. I believe we have the right to do so. I do not oppose common sense. Yes, there have been plans on the dark web for years on how do do many things.... this does not mean I want them to be legal. I need to research this topic more before I make my final decision on how I feel. I never post here, but just wanted to throw out, especially in the era of the resurgence of the "No Nothing Party" (historical reference), that everyone who wants common sense to reign is not a GunGrabber.
        If you want to be all historical, it's Know Nothing. And there's no contemporary correlative, btw. Different century, different issue.
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          I align with 80DAWG from the perspective that if anything really disturbs me it is putting labels on everyone as being 100% for or against any issue. That sort of attitude has brought us to where we are today at stalemates in legislative bodies all over the country. I consider myself a progressive person and I also own an assortment of weapons. At one point I held the BSA record for marksmanship for over 20 years. But I deplore the NRA as a group organized to raise money using fear and outright lies. And I know some people who think firearms should be illegal in the US. I have no tolerance for either.

          3D printing is just one more area where technology moves so much faster than society and our ability to set reasonable legal standards. Another example of government too caught up in funding the next election to do any real work and God forbid, actually compromise on something! But it is here, it's inexpensive. and getting better and cheaper everyday. Only a matter of time until it becomes the mechanism for most of our manufacturing and that will be a societal upheaval of epic proportions.

          Legal to post on the network? That's a joke. Those who want this banned from publication do not recognize the network today is basically without any jurisdiction. There was a governor in KY who heard there was internet gambling in KY. He declared he would make that illegal! Wonder how that worked out for him?