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  • What's in your glass?

    Some of my favorite past times are eating, drinking, and smoking aged tobacco. Since there are already plenty of food threads, I thought I'd start a beer/liquor thread (fruity "martinis" don't count ).

    I'll start...

    Unibroue Trois Pistoles.... 9% ABV.... one of my regulars.

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    Well, Hop Juice Double IPA by Madison River Brewing Co. became one of my favorites this past week. After coming home, I have found out it can only be purchased in two of the fifty states.....guess i better go back out there

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      Bourbon. 9yrs. Neat.

      Sorry. No pics tonight.


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        No pic right now but I found an IPA at Fat Head's Brewery and Saloon called,
        Fat Head Head Hunter IPA. It is now 2nd place on my top beers list. I purchased a case while in Cleveland last weekend from the Saloon. It is not distributed at this time so I got lucky when they randomly bottled 100 cases on the day I was going home. They told me they only bottle one or two times a year. Lucky me!!
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            Moose Drool
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              Another option

              Originally posted by Gatorbyte View Post
              Moose Drool
              I'm a big fan of Big Sky Brewery and Moose Drool brown ale, but can't get it down here. (I transported about 2 cases home from my last trip to Montana) I found Ellie's Brown ale while in Colorado and loved it. Plus, I have been able to purchase locally. Here are some reviews:



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                I am currently drinking Miller Lite in those new cool aluminum bottles. Hey, what can I say, they are $1.00 a can at Kroger right now!

                My favorite beers (in order of preference):
                • free beer
                • cheap beer
                • cold beer
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                  Any German Dark with St Bernardus ABT 12 coming in first.


                  Can't afford that most of the time so Yuengling is in the kegorator at the moment. Found it in Florida while watching my football team get pounded by the Gaytors. At the time they didn't sell it in Ga.

                  I do enjoy a nice double IPA at times. Southern Tier 2X IPA gets the nod on that one.

                  This time of year I enjoy Oktoberfest and Pumpkin Spice brews as well.


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                    Cheap bourbon Old Fashions. Jim


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                      Makers...what ever temp it comes out of my pack.


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                        Fall for me is about darker beers and bourbon. Founders Dirty Bastard, and Shorts Bellaire Brown and Good Humans are my favorites. Bourbon wise, Woodford or 1492 on ice is hard to beat. I also never turn down one of my Dad's perfect Manhatten's....perfect out of a nip bottle in the grouse woods.

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                          We live in the Golden Age of beer in America. I hope the younger generations appreciate what choices they have.

                          My father's generation had Bud or Schlitz, and sometimes Miller, Carling or PBR.

                          Every trip I make to the store now is like Christmas morning. I try hard to support local and regional microbreweries. Life is good!

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                            Jack and a splash of coke for those cool nights
                            and my home brewed Aredale Pale for those warm summer days!


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                              Originally posted by JoeyD View Post
                              Makers...what ever temp it comes out of my pack.
                              I like this reply. I always have my flask on me during the cooler temps from fall to spring. It is usually filled with Red Breast but sometimes Jack and sometimes Makers and sometimes Woodford.
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