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Freezing Oysters in the shell...

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  • Freezing Oysters in the shell...

    Anybody ever done it ?...I got a 40lb. box last week and could only eat about 3/4 of it, the wife wasn't much help...Too many went under the melted ice water in the cooler and opened and putting bags of ice (we couldn't make it fast enough) got expensive....So I put some in the Beer Fridge outside where some times things freeze and yes, the smaller ones froze...And I threw 'em out ( raccoons and possums gotta eat too)...But the great big 'uns were ABSOLUTELY WONDERFULLY COLD !!!!....Could or should I have eaten the smaller ones ??? Just never heard of freezing them...

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    ...when we've had leftovers from a bushel we shucked, I have shucked them and frozen them in a ziploc for frying great, but I have never frozen them in shell...




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      The couple of frozen that I did eat seemed fine....Sure hated tossing the rest, but I was just "oystered out" ....I should give myself a ticket for "wonton waste" and make the penalty another box-full with mandatory use of each and every one....Got mine at the DeKalb Farmers Market....Anybody know anywhere else around the northside to buy 'em ?...They sell 'em by the box (or just by the lb.)...When I was much younger, I'd get 'em by the bushel sack there and us hoodlums would divide 'em up....They'd be muddy and with all kinds of little sea critters running around when we'd wash 'em...And they were cheap way back when...Shuck 'em, grill 'em, bake 'em, steamed, microwaved...But never frozen, they wouldn't last that long....Buy 'em Friday after work, gone on Sunday, always...