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    Back in spring, I worked for some Uzbeks. They're not all awful. Just kinda shady and scandalous. I guess they're pretty awful. I quit after 5 months. Anyways, once a week they'd bring in different rice dishes. Usually lamb, but different everytime, sometimes with nuts and grapes, sometimes with carrot.

    Some of the best rice dishes I've had defiantly up there Persian saffron, and biriyani. Whatever rice they brought in, took on the color of the aromatics or vegetables in it. This one the boss's sister gave me the recipe. Its turned out OK, but need to get long grain next time. Its called Baxsh which I think means dowry or payment or something in Uzbek.

    -Dill, Cilantro, scallions
    -Cummin, Salt Pepper
    -Minced beef liver
    -Lamb Fat (if you can get the rump fat this is what they use, but you can't I called all over) so I just use trim
    -Lamb (I used shoulder)

    You start with the Lamb fat then render it down as much as you can then throw the chunks out. Next the onion and herbs followed by the liver and the Lamb. Rice goes in last with a little bit of water. total cook time is about 2.5-3.0. I think they let it go for up to 7 depending quantity. They have some kind of traditional cookware they use, I just used my bobby flay cast iron.

    If you let it go without turning often the bottom gets nice and crispy

    Eat this with your hands. They use a three finger scoop, and the thumb is like the shovel. Then (I'm not joking) you wipe the grease on your hair.

    Word of warning: Do not drink any cold beverages after any lamb dish...your bowels will be unforgetting.
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