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Restaurants in College Park or south on 85?

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  • Restaurants in College Park or south on 85?

    My adult son is flying in to Atlanta Monday evening and driving to Columbus for a business meeting and wants to meet for dinner. I live in NW Atlanta and would be driving down the west side of 285. Does anybody have a resto recommendation somewhere near the south 285/75 intersection?

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    For good ole fashioned meat and 3, I love the BBQ Kitchen on Virginia Avenue. The Manchester Arms on Va ave is a legit English run pub in an old house. Up on Main St in College Park The Brake Pad is good. At the east end of Virginia Ave the legendary Grecian Gyro is still good after all these years, but it's kinda a dump. Pit boss BBQ is good too. In Hapeville, a buddy of mine raves about Thai Heaven.


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      Pit Boss is good. The décor has been updated...just don't look to closely! The BBQ is good tho'


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        Check Yelp and TripAdvisor; it's been years since I had a meal south of town but the Brake Pad was good back then and still gets good reviews. There are a couple of interesting looking restaurants on Main Street. Hapeville may be picking up some nice place with the Porsche hdq. being there now and them opening a new very upscale hotel.
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          Thanks everybody. My son rescheduled his trip and so no report for now.


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            Dwarf House

            The original Dwarf House (Chik-fil-A) is still open and that is worth a stop just for the photo op!