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Lost Keys- Tuckaseegee

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    Originally posted by Drifter View Post
    Nope....the folks at Unicoi have been way too generous to me over the past years....I still owe them.

    I was between naps so it worked out.
    I'd send ya an NGTO sticker but I think you already have plenty. Do ya have a Unicoi Outfitter sticker on that mule of yours?

    If this were rocket science most of us wouldn't be doing it. - Terry Creech


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      The keys have been dropped off at Unicoi.
      Thanks to the great directions to the area of the lost keys, I think it took Drifter all of 10 seconds to find the keys.
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        Pretty awesome end to the story. I don't see a Unicoi or NGTO sticker on his trailer. I have extra of both if you want one Steve.
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          Way to go Drifter!