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Toccoa DH - lost fly box

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  • Toccoa DH - lost fly box

    After a great few hours of fishing the Toccoa DH this past Friday, on the way out of the river, let's just say that I miscalculated the coefficient of friction on the last rock out of the river. A few interesting results: 1) I determined that the water inside the waders was much colder than the water outside the waders, 2), my "lucky" hat did not float (with magnifiers on the brim), and 3) the iPhone 7 claims of water resistance, meeting the standard IP67 (submersion up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes) is not to be believed....
    Also (here's the "lost" part) I watched a two sided, Atlanta Fly Fishing Club fly box, float downstream, just out of reach. It contains some "unique" colored Y2K's, among other flies. And now for the "found" part, I'd love to recover it, if someone happens to find it. Either way, it was a fun day (mostly), with many lessons learned.
    I wish all a SAFE, Happy, and Healthy New Year!