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Lost fly rod and reel at Jones Bridge

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  • Lost fly rod and reel at Jones Bridge

    Anyone Find a White River Classic with a Battenkill Reel at JB on Friday the 24th? That's right I learned an expensive lesson, never set your rod on the roof of you SUV! As I was doing it I knew I shouldn't but I put my rod on the roof of my SUV and drove off with it still up there. JB was a zoo on Friday and I'm sure I will never see my beginner rig that I've been fishing with since the 90's. I have been meaning to buy a new rod for years I guess it's time. I just wish I could have given the old rig to my 11yr old son to learn with.

    Do NOT set your rod on the roof of your car! I will write that 100 times!

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    Bummer. I think we have all made that mistake or a similar one.
    Then Peter said, "I'm going fishing." The disciples replied, we're going too, and they got in the boat..." John 21:3a

    And now, I pray thee, take thy weapons, thy quiver and thy bow, and go out to the field and hunt me venison. Genesis 27:3


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      ive got a long list of items lost by leaving it on the roof, from cell phones to brief cases to tool boxes, etc...i am no longer allowed to ever place anything on the roof!
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